11 Creative Ways to Use Jam — That Aren’t a Sandwich

published Apr 22, 2023
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Known primarily for its appearance on the likes of toast and the classic PB&J sandwich, jam has a bright, sweet flavor that brightens any breakfast or lunch. If you’re new to the jam game, there are plenty of excellent store bought options to try, ornyou can even make your own jam! But when you’re low on groceries and need a break from the usual jam fare, you may find yourself searching for a more exciting way to use that half-a-jar of jam haunting your fridge. Let’s get creative and pump up the jam with tasty, unconventional uses for your favorite preserve that will break you out of the sandwich box. 

1. Add Jam to Your Homemade Barbecue Sauce 

Did you know that the secret to a great barbecue sauce is to incorporate a good variety of sweet, savory, spicy and tart elements? 

Make your own BBQ sauce

2. Add Jam To Ice Cream 

Level up your favorite store bought vanilla ‘scream by mixing in your favorite fruit jam — or, if you’re still in a PB&J mood, throw your favorite nut butter into the mix for a homemade swirl. And if you’re feeling industrious, mix your jam into our No-Churn Ice Cream recipe for an easy homemade treat. 

3. Jam Popsicles! 

Beat the heat with Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles — though the recipe calls for fresh fruit, they can be easily substituted to incorporate jam preserves. 

4. Turn Cinnamon Rolls into Jam Rolls 

A decadent, fruity spin on the classic cinnamon roll, we recommend making Emma Christensen’s Strawberry Jam Sweet Rolls for your next out-of-town guests. They’re the perfect combination of tangy jam, pillowy, pull-apart dough, and rich cream cheese frosting that will be the hit of any brunch. 

5. Try a Jam Bar

Sometimes you want to eat dessert at breakfast time without any prying eyes of judgment — we hear you! Make yourself a batch of these buttery, rich Jammy Granola Bars and tell the haters, “I’m eating oats.” 

6. Make Your Own Pop Tarts

Another of our favorite dessert-as-breakfast options, the nostalgic, 90s-kid Pop Tart is even better when you make your own — it’s a flaky, buttery pastry with your favorite jam and a light glaze that will put the store bought version to shame. 

7. Make A Glaze 

Speaking of glaze, did you know that you can make a jam-based version to layer on your favorite cheesecake, donut, or waffle? Sub in jam for fresh strawberries in our Strawberry Glaze Recipe for a no-fuss topping that you can store in your refrigerator for up to a week. 

8. Make French Toast Roll-Ups 

Rounding out our breakfast party is the festive Berries & Cream French Toast Roll Up, a kid-friendly, hand-held treat that turns humble sandwich bread into a delectable combination of fresh fruit, jam, cream cheese, and vanilla custard!

9. Make Your Own Flavored Seltzer

Just invested in that Soda Stream? Staring down a Costco-sized case of seltzer? Why not make your own customizable summer soda using jam and seltzer water and sip on TikTok’s trendiest refreshing drink! 

10. Bake Classic Jammer Cookies 

There’s something so comforting about a warm, gooey, jam-filled cookie — and Dorie Greenspan’s Classic Jammer Cookies hit the spot. We recommend trying a blueberry or blackberry jam for these, though any thick jam will hold up nicely.

11. Make a Milkshake 

Out of strawberry syrup? Not a problem! Add your leftover jam to your next homemade milkshake for an extra flavor boost. We love the Strawberry Pie: Strawberry ice cream + strawberry jam + shortbread cookies! 

And for other jammy treats, try one of our additional favorites: