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3 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Plant-Based Hot Dogs This Summer

updated Jul 6, 2021
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Credit: Lightlife

One of the many (many!) reasons we love plant-based eating is its versatility. From veggies and grains to plant-based protein, you can create delicious dishes that satisfy any craving. And this summer, as grills fire up all around the neighborhood, we’re craving one thing: hot dogs.

Lightlife Smart Dogs are the #1 plant-based hot dog in the country, and no wonder: Lightlife has been crafting plant-based deliciousness since 1979! Smart Dogs — and super-sized Jumbo Smart Dogs — are packed with flavor and simple ingredients. (In the spirit of clean eating, the recipe was recently improved to remove carrageenan.)

We’ll be grilling Smart Dogs all summer long. And while we appreciate a classic ketchup-and-mustard situation, we’re also going to up the ante with some more inventive preparations. Here are three we can’t wait to try:

Credit: Lightlife

1. Elevate Your Palate

How do avocados manage to take every dish to the next level? Similar to Patagonian hot dogs or Chilean completo dogs, creamy avocado is the hot dog topping your summer needs. These Avocado Toast Dogs spice things up with a healthy dash of everything bagel seasoning and a drizzle of sriracha — aka all our favorite flavors in one delicious bite.

Credit: Lightlife

2. Get Creative with Toppings

Our motto this summer: Anything is a hot dog topping if you top your hot dog with it. That goes double at cookouts and potlucks, with tables full of delicious sides. A scoop of potato salad? A shmear of French onion dip? Or, how about a decadent dollop of mac and cheese? These Mini Mac & Cheese Smart Dogs are savory, cheesy, carby little parcels of perfection.

Credit: Lightlife

3. Bye Bye, Bun

Buns are really just a hot dog delivery system, so ditch ’em and get to the good stuff! Grab some skewers and start building. The flavor combos are endless, but we love these Pineapple, Pepper, and Smart Dog Skewers for that dreamy blend of savory and sweet, with a drizzle of your favorite BBQ sauce as a finishing touch. And since Smart Dogs grill up so beautifully, you’ll get plenty of picturesque grill marks and rich flavor.