7 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Ideas to Steal from This 600-Square-Foot Apartment

updated Sep 27, 2021
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When Meagan Rochard moved from Houston, Texas, to Denver, Colorado, she had her heart set on living in the historic and lively neighborhood of Capitol Hill. “When I came across this one-bedroom unit, in a restored 1928 Spanish-inspired building, I knew this had to be mine,” she gushes. “I told the property manager to send me the lease before I even saw the place in person!”

Rochard instantly fell in love with her new kitchen space — especially with the vintage-looking, cast iron sink and the checkered floor. “The kitchen was a big selling point for me!” she admits.

By investing in a few storage solutions, Rochard made the space her own. “I love to cook so I had to utilize every inch of this tiny kitchen to make it functional,” she says. Over time, she’s learned that having the patience to find the right pieces is key to outfitting a new home. “It’s tempting to want to buy everything at once,” says Rochard, explaining her process of curating her home. “If you take your time and gather pieces along the way, finding inspiration organically, your home will become more than just a place where you keep your stuff.”

Here are seven creative ideas you can steal for your own kitchen in order to squeeze out more storage space.

1. Invest in a hard-working kitchen cart.

Rochard was able to turn wasted floor space into valuable prep and storage space. “I added this kitchen cart to serve as a workstation,” she says. On the work surface, she keeps essentials like her nonstick baking mat, wooden cutting board, and rolling pins on hand. Plus, the utility cart‘s additional shelves are a huge bonus for hiding kitchen equipment in woven baskets. 

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2. Hang a magnetic knife holder.

Taking center stage on a spare kitchen wall, a magnetic knife holder helps reduce countertop clutter and keeps knives — and kitchen shears — within easy reach. Stainless steel strips, like Rochard’s, tend to be the easiest to clean — with just a quick wipe of a damp cloth or a spritz of WD-40!

3. Showcase dry goods in glass canisters.

It’s easy! Place dry goods such as pasta, cereal, and granola in beautiful-but-convenient glass containers. This way, Rochard doesn’t have to deal with the unsightly clutter of boxes in mismatched sizes and can easily see when supplies are getting low. Tip: Use a wine glass marker to add a handwritten label on each canister.

4. Hang pans on a wall.

With a wall-mounted rod just above her cast iron sink, Rochard hangs her MVP set of pans plus a few extras, such as a sieve, knife sharpener, and a splatter screen. This way, she doesn’t have to scramble and dig through cabinets and drawers, and she frees up covetable storage space.

5. Add tiered shelving wherever you can.

Rochard utilizes an open shelving cabinet to make a statement with her collection of attractive casserole dishes. She instantly doubles her vertical storage space (and keeps things looking neat!) by adding stackable shelves.

6. Enlist the help of a lazy Susan.

These classic rotating turntables have been in use since the 1700s! To keep sauces and other condiments organized and within easy reach, Rochard keeps a sturdy lazy Susan with a lipped edge on her counter.

7. Steal space from other rooms.

While there’s no space inside the kitchen for any sort of breakfast bar or nook, Rochard hung a shelf and tucked two bar stools underneath it to make a little gathering space in her living room. Can’t you just imagine having a coffee there in the morning before work?

Have you used these time-saving storage tips in your kitchen? Tell us in the comments below!