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This Recipe for Creamy Spinach Stuffed Salmon Will Be This Week’s Date Night Savior

published Dec 17, 2021
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Tuscan Salmon
Credit: Photo: Nicole Wolf | Food Stylist Catrine Kelty

A wiseman once said that “the way to a man or woman’s heart is through their stomach,” and I think I can agree with that. Though we’ve recreated a number of delicious recipes this year that have definitely found a place in my heart, as a pescatarian, I’m truly a sucker for a good piece of salmon. And when I saw Instagrammer @eatwizo post his recipe for Creamy Spinach Stuffed Salmon, I immediately knew I would fall in love with it, too.

Coining it as the “save your relationship meal,” the chef — who goes by Renzo in his bio — had me bookmarking this one to pull out if I’m ever in need the perfect date night dish. Of course, he recognizes that not everyone is a master chef, but we all enjoy a meal that tastes like it was prepared by one. As a result, this recipe is both easy to follow and packed full of flavor. And the best part is most of the ingredients are things you already have in your kitchen. 

The critical component of any good stuffed salmon dish is the flavor of the filling and that’s exactly where Renzo began with his recipe. In a bowl, he combined softened cream cheese, chopped spinach, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, black pepper, and Old Bay seasoning. Afterwards, he made a slit on the side of each salmon and stuffed it with the creamy filling. Next, he said you’ll want to top the salmon off with the seasoning combo — minus the cream cheese and spinach — and prepare to make these fillets sizzle. 

In a pan drizzled with olive oil, Renzo sears the salmon pieces on each side and then transfers them into a new pan to bake them in the oven for about seven minutes. While your salmon is baking, the chef notes that it’s time to work on the flavorful sauce that takes the dish to next level.

Using the same pan you seared your salmon in, add halved grape tomatoes, minced garlic, fresh spinach, red pepper flakes, and heavy cream. Once the sauce thickens, add some Parmesan cheese and then cover the your salmon with all the delicious, saucy goodness.

Though Kitchn has our own Stuffed Salmon recipe, I’m always down for trying new versions of my favorite dishes. This recipe from Chef Renzo is one that I’ll be adding to my list. And, if after devouring this creamy dish, you’re in the mood for dessert with a romantic flair, red velvet cheesecake or some of the most popular cookies are the perfect ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.