Creamy, Green, and Sweet: The Avocado Smoothie

published Sep 17, 2010
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Somehow “avocado smoothie” sounds less bizarre than “avocado milkshake,” but that’s essentially what we’re talking about here—an avocado whirled with sugar and milk that turns out the prettiest shade of pale green. Could this replace our favorite avocado-centric breakfast? Or, hey, pass for dessert?

We started searching for avocado smoothie recipes this week because we equate this meaty, creamy fruit with Latin America. Turns out, however, that avocado shakes made with sweetened, condensed milk are actually very common in Vietnam.

We know parents who make “milkshakes” with avocado to add extra fat and nutrition into their babies’ meals. But we love avocados with salt so much, we’re having a hard time thinking of it as an ingredient in something sweet.

Most recipes we’ve seen call for blending half of an avocado with a little sugar, milk, and ice. Or, you could make it extra thick and sweet with the condensed milk. If you’ve got a cut avocado you’d like to use before it turns brown, this is one quick option.

Who drinks avocado smoothies? What’s your recipe?

(Image: Flickr member tristankenney, licensed for use under Creative Commons)