Craving Summer? Two Fresh Salads with Avocado

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The most recent issue of Fine Cooking has an excellent article by Deborah Madison on the mighty avocado. We immediately zeroed in on these two recipes for summer-y avocado salads, a sure cure for our winter woes!

That first salad is for the tropical fruit lovers! It pairs slices of avocado with mango and pineapple, two fruits that are at their best right now. Tender arugula makes a zesty base for the sweet-tart fruits.

The other salad features nutty red quinoa salad dressed with a lemon-cumin vinaigrette. Dried fruits and toasted almonds join the cubes of creamy avocado. This sounds light and refreshing, yet still satisfying on a cold day.

Either one of these salads would perk up a winter dinner party and make a nice contrast with roasted winter vegetables and a braise. We’re indebted to Deborah Madison and Fine Cooking for bringing us this welcome taste of sunshine!

(Images: Scott Phillips/Fine Cooking)