Craving: Saltwater Taffy

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Saltwater taffy will be forever linked in our minds to vacations at the beach, hot weather, and long stretches of free time. We can’t remember ever having it outside of that context! It’s been years since we had a vacation like this, and as such, haven’t gotten a saltwater taffy fix in quite some time. Then we started wondering: can we make this vacation treat at home?

It turns out that, yes, you can! We found several recipes around the web, all of which call for basic ingredients that we can easily find at the grocery store. The most difficult step seems to be cooking the sugar to the hardball stage. After that, all we have to do is find a few willing volunteers to help us pull the taffy and get that signature chewy-soft texture!

Wouldn’t it be fun to get some friends together for an old-fashioned taffy pull? With supervision during the boiling sugar stage, this could also be a great activity to do with kids. And with so many different extracts and flavorings available these days, we could really have fun making several different kinds and colors of taffy!

Here are the recipes we found. They’re all essentially the same, with a few tweaks and different bits of advice:

Saltwater Taffy from Coconut & Lime
Saltwater Taffy from the Science of Cooking
Saltwater Taffy from ABC News

We really can’t wait to give this candy a try! Have you ever made saltwater taffy?

(Image: Flickr member Biggunben licensed under Creative Commons)