Craving Pie? Check Out Evernote’s Harvest Pie Cook-Along

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Of course you’re craving pie right now. How could you not? Beautiful rosy apples are rolling into the markets. Pumpkins and pecans are begging for some brown sugar. The last summer fruits are so ripe, they hardly need to be cooked. It’s pie season and Evernote is hosting an virtual cook-along to help us get cooking.

From now through October 7th, you can post your pie creations to Evernote’s Harvest Cook-Along Facebook page or follow the event through their twitter hashtag. There are already a few mighty tasty-looking pie recipes available through Evernote’s Notebook feature, like some Salted Caramel Hand Pies and a Beer-Soaked Apple Pie.

Along with many of you, I already use Evernote to organize all the recipes and bits of cooking inspiration that I collect in my wanderings both on and off the internet. This cook-along seems like a great way to see what other people have been collecting…and maybe add a few more ideas to our collections!

Check It Out:

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Evernote’s Notebook of Pie Recipes
Follow along on the Harvest Pie Cook-Along Facebook page or through the Twitter hashtag #evernotelife

Any pie-making plans in your near future?

(Image: Evernote)