Craving: Overnight Yeasted Waffles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over the holidays, we had some overnight yeasted waffles at a family brunch and haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. So light. So fluffy. Just a bit crunchy and slightly sweet-tasting. Did we mention fluffy?

We’re not huge fans of traditional waffles, which seem overly sugary to us and get soggy if we let them sit under syrup and fruit for more than a few minutes. The overnight waffles we had were a different breed of breakfast food entirely.

They stayed crisp and firm, carrying the toppings in those lovely little waffle-divots instead of absorbing them. An unadorned bite had a sweet (but not too sweet) flavor and a slight savory tang from the yeast.

We were told the recipe came from an old copy of Better Homes and Gardens, and a quick internet search found us the recipe – plus several others that looked promising!

Overnight Waffles from Better Homes and Gardens
Overnight Yeast Waffles from Cookography
Raised Waffles from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook via Epicurious (calls for adding the eggs in the morning)
Makeover Overnight Yeast Waffles from Taste of Home (calls for separating the eggs and whipping the whites for extra fluffiness!)

Next we just have to find a waffle iron…

(Image: Flickr member jslander licensed under Creative Commons)