Craving: Muesli for Breakfast!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just got our first real snowfall here in Boston, and now we’re suddenly craving muesli. This is a simple yet hearty breakfast brought to us by the Swiss – who mean business when it comes to fueling up for a wintry day. If you only know this dish as yogurt and granola, you’re missing out! Take a look…

Although the specific ingredients vary depending on taste, the base elements of muesli are rolled oats, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, and a combination of cream and yogurt. To round things out, you can also add things like honey, wheat germ, shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, or even chocolate chips.

However, the key to real muesli is soaking the raw oats, nuts and fruits overnight in the cream. This softens the oats into a porridge consistency and infuses the whole dish with a subtle sweetness. If you’re feeling extra luxurious (as if the cream weren’t enough), try throwing a vanilla bean into the soaking porridge!

Muesli is usually served cold, though we’ve taken it upon ourselves to play with tradition and heat it up when we’re in the mood for something warming. Also, when we’re in a kick of eating muesli every morning, we save the cream for special occasions and swap in regular milk to save our waistlines a bit.

Sound good?! Here are a few recipes for you to try:

Muesli from Saveur Magazine
Firefighter’s Muesli Recipe from Relish Magazine
Cranberry Muesli from Delish
Honey-Toasted Fruit Muesli from 101 Cookbooks (this is just the granola part of the recipe)

What’s your favorite muesli combination?

(Image: Flickr member MrTopf licensed under Creative Commons)