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These Cranberry Cookie Sticks Are Just as Delicious as They Are Beautiful

published Dec 3, 2022
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The Barbiecore trend has been hot recently, with the Barbie influence leading to pops of pink appearing in everything from decor to cookware. But that splash of bright and cheerful color does not have to be limited to style choices — it can actually be quite fun when incorporated into sweet treats, too.

Digital creator Mei, who posts as @nm_meiyee on Instagram, recently shared a recipe for cranberry cookie sticks that are delightfully pink and a beautiful and unique addition to your festive table this holiday season.

To make the cookie sticks, begin by mixing butter and powdered sugar in a bowl. As those ingredients are blending, condensed milk can be added in and whisked until the mixture is creamy and smooth. Next, both all-purpose and almond flour are added and mixed for about a minute before blending in milk and vanilla. These ingredients are combined well until a dough is formed, at which point the cranberries can be folded in. Cover and place in the fridge to chill for a half hour.

Remove your chilled dough and roll into a rectangular piece before freezing again for 20 minutes. Cut into strips and bake in a preheated oven at 160°C — which is roughly 325°F — for 20 minutes. Once the edges begin to brown, you’ll know the sticks are done.

After the cookies are chilled, dip into your pink coating made from a mixture of melted white chocolate, flamingo pink pitaya powder, and red beet powder, and refrigerate until the chocolate sets. If those ingredients are hard to come by, pink food coloring mixed into the white chocolate or ruby pink chocolate could work as well.

You can get the full cranberry cookie sticks recipe here and if you’re looking for more sweet treats to have this holiday season (and beyond!), our Secret Family Cookies package has everything you need.