Craigslist Saves You Bucks in the Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s a fair amount of Craigslist over at the main site, but we’ve kept it pretty quiet on The Kitchn ever since the site developed such a widely spread following (difficult to please readers across the globe with perfect, local Craigslist picks.)

But perhaps it’s time for a reminder of how Craigslist can help you, in almost any place, save money in all your cooking endeavors.

• Drop the Nobu bill and learn how to roll your own sushi by taking a private Japanese cooking lesson (community > classes)

• Pick up someone else’s well-used cookbooks for pennies (for sale > books & magazines)

• Start a catering or private chef business and spread the word for free (services > event)

• Upgrade to a KitchenAid mixer for less than half of the retail price (for sale > household)

• Tired of the idea of a “staycation” but need a little boost to get to Paris? Save oodles on hotels and spend your money on food instead by swapping your apartment for one in Paris (housing > housing swap)

(Images: Eiffel Tower image by Flickr member Al Ianni licensed under Creative Commons), cooking class image by Flickr member akeg licensed under Creative Commons, cookbooks image by Flickr member macinate licensed under Creative Commons)