Crafty Kitchen! Online Sources for Candy and Cake-Decorating Supplies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Craving cake pops, but can’t find lollipop sticks? Want some edible glitter for the perfect Fairy Princess Birthday Cake? Friends, the internet is a wonderful place, indeed! Here’s where to find every kind of candy-making, cupcake-decorating, or cake-topping item you could wish for.

It’s really probably better that all these stores are online. Our virtual shopping carts get full enough whenever we visit the sites – we can’t imagine what our real shopping cart would look like if we had a whole store to browse through!

Leeners – A good source for basic supplies like lollipop molds and cellophane candy wrappers. They also sell lots of kits to get you started (like homemade bubblegum)!

Cake Art – This is Bakerella’s very favorite source for all her cake pop supplies, and we can see why! You can find literally everything here, from food-safe markers for drawing on fondant to mulit-colored candy melts. This is also a great place to find special candy-making tools like dipping forks, molds, pastry bags.

Bake It Pretty – Here’s where we go to get inspired. Everything they have here is adorable, colorful, and perfect. We love their quirky cake-toppers (a tiny can of Pabst?!) and colorful cupcake liners.

Are there any decorating supplies you’ve had trouble finding? Or excellent finds that you’ve come across?

(Image: Flickr member clevercupcakes licensed under Creative Commons)