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These Super-Easy One-Cup Eggs Will Make Breakfast Meal Prep a Breeze

published Oct 3, 2022
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Someone picking up eggs.
Credit: Kitchn Video

Most of us can probably agree that meal prep may be one of the only ways to stay on top of a busy week. Even with all the variety you can get from meal prepping though, sometimes things can start to feel repetitive. While overnight oats or breakfast bars can be top picks for the first meal of the day, finding a way to shake things up can be a bit more fun.

Serving as a perfect way to do that, “Crack an Egg” cups literally involve shaking things up and they couldn’t be easier. As registered dietician Steph Grasso shares on her Instagram, these are prepped breakfast cups that can be stored in the fridge in trusty Mason jars.  

Each Mason jar can be filled with ingredients that you love and go together well when mixed with eggs. That might be spinach and feta, or tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. Then, just add an un-cracked egg ( or two!) to the jar.

Each morning, when ready to eat your breakfast, open up the jar and crack those eggs. Then, after giving it a good shake, put it — jar and all — in the microwave for 30 seconds before stirring and microwaving again for an additional 40-60 seconds depending on how many eggs you used. And voilà! Your breakfast is ready to go. Your Mason jar with the delicious mixture of ready-to-eat breakfast can be carried with you in its complete form or you can even carry it with you pre-microwave and crack and heat when at work or school.

This is perfect for a hearty and filling breakfast on a busy morning, and it’ll never get boring because you can always switch up the ingredients the eggs are being mixed with. Looking for more easy breakfast ideas? This recipe for overnight French toast with cinnamon streusel will be a great place to start.