Cozy Indoors: 5 Cooking Projects for Snow Days

Cozy Indoors: 5 Cooking Projects for Snow Days

Emma Christensen
Feb 9, 2010

Along with many of you, we stayed inside most of this past weekend watching the snow fall past our windows. As usually happens on such occasions, we eventually found ourselves in the kitchen flipping through cookbooks. Snow days are perfect for attempting a new recipe!

If we know a storm is coming, we can stock up on key ingredients ahead of time, of course. But even if we find ourselves short a few ingredients, we can usually come up with something to make! Any excuse to turn on the oven will do.

1. Bread - The super easy no-knead bread is great for our weekly loaves, but sometimes we like to mix things up with a carefully crafted loaf of artisan bread. Kneading the dough, waiting for it to rise, and setting the finished loaf in the oven to bake are calming and meditative.

2. Braises - Dig through your freezer and you're bound to find something that can be browned, seasoned, and thrown in the oven to cook for a few hours! Here are a few of our favorite recipes.

3. Gnocchi and Other Pasta - While you're waiting for your braise to finish, why not make a batch of gnocchi to serve alongside? Shaping those little dumplings while watching the snow and keeping cozy next to the stove sounds like an excellent project! If gnocchi's not your style, you can try a batch of regular pasta instead.

4. Macarons - We've been meaning to try our hand at these delicate and notoriously finicky cookies for quite some time. They require a bit more planning than other projects, but the trade off should hopefully be well worth it.

5. Risotto - Whether you think risotto is labor intensive or not, it's a good one to attempt for the first time when you've got a free evening on your hands. It's also a good dish to make if you can get to the store - as long as you have some rice and some broth, you can throw in whatever other ingredients you have on hand.

What projects have you been saving for a snowy afternoon?

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