37 of the Coziest, Coolest Fire Pits We’ve Ever Seen

published Apr 29, 2022
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Credit: Marisa Vitale

Searching for a foolproof way to turn your backyard into a scenic sanctuary? A good-looking fire pit can transform any outdoor space into an ambient setting in no time. It’s a backyard must-have once you upgrade to something more than a patio or balcony, along with things like a treehouse and a shed. What’s more, it’s an awesome DIY project if you’re looking to get some experience making your own furnishings. 

From artful outdoor lounges to boho-style backyard scenes, these ideas will help transform your outdoor space into a glowing paradise. So grab some outdoor-friendly folding chairs for your crew, light the fire and get roasting! 

To inspire your own fire pit designs, check out these 35 awesome fire pit ideas below. 

Firepit camp

1. Cozy Campfire

This simple, well-stacked fire pit by @robingustinidesign and the surrounding Adirondack chairs is the ultimate cozy campfire scene. Quick and easy set-ups that can be party ready in one afternoon are great fire pit ideas.

Round Firepit

2. Personalized Pit

There’s only one word for this amazing fire pit from @backcountrycustomfirepit. Obsessed. Who wouldn’t absolutely love a fire pit that doubles as an ode to all of their favorite places and things. It simply doesn’t get any cooler than this orb-shaped fire pit.

3. Farm-style Fire Pit

This clever fire pit made out of corrugated metal by @grammyadventure is the ultimate farm accessory. Is it a fire pit or a cow watering station? Way to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape!

Credit: Etsy

4. May the Fire Be With You

Wait, no, it just got cooler, especially if you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan. This Vader-shaped fire pit is an absolute must-have for anyone who lives for the series. Plus, it doubles as a grill. We’re hooked on this fire pit idea! 

5.  Modern Minimalist

A square-shaped metal box welded by a handy husband is the centerpiece of this fire pit area, and it’s the perfect modern set-up. The high sides serve to block wind coming off the lake, while the rocks help it sit level.

Credit: Jessica Isaac

6. Stick to Sleek Silhouettes

A clean-lined sofa sectional, like this teak wood style at Pottery Barn, complements the sleek silhouette of a shapely stone fire pit, just like we saw in Cupcakes and Cashmere founder Emily Schuman’s Los Angeles backyard

Credit: Apartment Therapy

7. Take Out the Tables

As this Venice, California, backyard proves, a fire pit table can create a high-impact, but minimalist-friendly outdoor scene. Only add this to your list of fire pit ideas if you don’t have a lot of wind in your backyard.

8. Opt for Old-School

An old-school stove pipe fireplace with a modern finish, like this shapely stunner at Design Within Reach, turns any patio into a sleek retreat in seconds. Take inspiration from this retro backyard in Portland, Oregon.

Credit: Anna Spaller

9. Add Some Art

When in doubt, add art. The mounted skull in Sarah and Keith’s backyard brings a touch of drama to any fire pit set up. Other great fire pit ideas? Sprucing it up with colorful accessories like pillows and plants. 

Credit: Dabney Frake

10. Get Ready for Rattan

Looking for a stylish way to bring some boho charm into your backyard lounge area? Rattan seating supplies plenty of bohemian vibes without breaking your bank account—just like we saw in Dabney Frake’s backyard

Credit: Lana Kenney

11. Embrace Your Green Thumb

Why waste your money by furnishing your fire pit area when you can use the natural landscape to elevate the ambiance instead? This fire pit idea is on display in Steve and Debbie Cotton’s backyard in South Africa, as it clearly receives Mother Nature’s seal of approval.

Credit: Monica Wang

12. Beautify a Paved Patch

Turn an awkward concrete lot into a full-blown outdoor lounge by pairing a freestanding fire pit with a handful of comfy weatherproof chairs, just like we saw in Gregory Beauchamp and Jenny Corgan’s Venice, California, backyard. Bring this look into your own space with a fire pit like the wood-burning one shown here. 

Credit: Adrienne Breaux

13. Create a Colorful Corner

Never underestimate the impact of a splash of bold color in any backyard area. Case in point: Kristen Harper and Michelle Flores’ Austin, Texas, yard. A colorfully painted tree, pots, and planters (like this blue ceramic style at CB2) bring a nice pop of personality to an otherwise drab fire pit zone. 

14. Find a Cozy Couch

A curved couch can turn a simple fire pit into a cozy outdoor entertaining area. This space from Glossy Interior’s feed definitely masters the look.

Credit: Andie Powers

15. Stack on the Storage

Why store your fire pit logs in a boring old bin when you can corral them in a cool antique birdcage? Austin and Jenny Flack’s Los Angeles backyard shows you how to incorporate this unique fire pit idea. 

Credit: Apartment Therapy

16. Create a Circle

A circular fire pit setup, as we saw in Brian Friedman and Daniel Brown’s North Hollywood, California backyard, creates a contemporary outdoor scene guests will love to spend time in. Want to bring this fire pit idea into your own space? Feast your eyes on this round fire pit.

Credit: Marisa Vitale

17. Covet thy Curves

A sleek round fire pit table bowl in this dreamy California yard turns a sliver of backyard space into a relaxing outdoor retreat. We’re super into this similar propane pit from Shop4Patio.

18. Rally the Rugs

A colorful rug, like the vintage one from Summer Camp we spotted on Mike and Rachel Graves’s Ojai, California patio, is a great fire pit idea for defining a distinct outdoor fire pit zone in style. 

19. Try Teak

When flanked by a pair of modern teak lounge chairs, like this contemporary Adirondack chair at Hayneedle, a design-savvy chimney turns an empty backyard area into a cool, minimalist outdoor scene. Jevon Lake’s well-appointed yard in Phoenix, Arizona ticks all the boxes.

Credit: Apartment Therapy

20. Flex Your DIY Muscle

Dreaming of a custom outdoor fire pit area? Do yourself a favor and construct your own unique backyard fire pit zone. In architect Cass Cheesar’s Austin, Texas backyard, he created a designated spot with brick or stone and simply placing a pile of wood logs inside. What a great fire pit idea if you’re on a budget! 

21. Make it Work on Wheels

Hunter Territo’s Louisiana backyard features a portable fire pit to turn this outdoor area into an impromptu party spot in minutes. Like what you see? Add this wheeled one at Home Depot to your cart, stat.

Credit: Ana Kamin

22. Style With Stones

An outdoor fire pit lounge with oversized stones for seating offers an unexpectedly stylish place to entertain guests, just like we saw in Zoe Peters’ Mill Valley, California backyard

Credit: Apartment Therapy

23. Play up the Pillow Talk

As <a rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label=" (opens in a new tab)" href="Lindsey%20Pollard%E2%80%99s%20Pasadena,%20California,%20backyard%20shows,%20nothing%20makes%20an%20outdoor%20fire%20pit%20area%20look%20more%20appealing%20than%20comfy%20seating.%20Throw%20a%20weatherproof%20decorative%20pillow%E2%80%94like%20this%20<a%20href=" https: target="_blank">brightly patterned one at Anthropologie—on a lounge chair to bring some comfort (and color!) to your outdoor entertaining zone.

Credit: Emily Billings

24. Go Back to Nature

Looking for some great fire pit ideas for additional seating? A trio of different-sized handmade timber benches provides some surprisingly chic fire pit seating, just like we saw in Molly Hatch’s Florence, Massachusetts backyard

25. Stick it Into Neutral

As interior designer Alison Henry proves, there’s something inexplicably chic about the juxtaposition of a neutral color palette against a raging fire. If a tone on tone set up feels boring, zhuzh up your space with some printed pillows.

26. Create a Cozy Corner

An outdoor patio area gets an elevated upgrade when decorated with comfy outdoor seating, such as this weatherproof upholstered lounge chair at Article and a sophisticated fire pit table. Mimi Lettunich’s Portland, Oregon, backyard gets an A+ in cozy corners.

27. Fashion a Fireplace

Why have a fire pit when you can have a bonafide backyard fireplace instead? Take a cue from Isabelle Dahlin and Brandon Boudet’s Echo Park, California backyard and construct a brick fireplace in place of a traditional fire pit for an extra snug outdoor setup. 

Credit: Bethany Nauret

28. Let it Hang

A petite, freestanding fireplace transforms into a chic backyard hangout spot when paired with string lights and a basket of plush wool throw blankets, just like we saw in Jaclyn Johnson and David Kaul’s Los Angeles backyard

29. Savor Symmetry

A symmetrical seating arrangement around your fire pit—as seen on Vivid Interior Design’s feed—creates an inviting outdoor scene to entertain guests in. 

30. Prioritize Pairs

A tall outdoor bistro table set, like this contemporary set at Birch Lane, offers some space-savvy seating near a fire pit on a tight patio. Jon and Anna Taylor’s Santa Barbara, California backyard has “date night” written all over it.

Credit: Apartment Therapy

31. Purchase Multi-Purpose Pieces

Here’s one of our favorite fire pit ideas: Invest in decor that does double duty a la Rachel Pally and Kevin Circosta’s Los Feliz, California backyard. A couple of modern cube-shaped side tables, like this colorful weatherproof model, moonlight as stool seats when situated around a fire pit.

32. Go Au Naturale

Why waste your time decorating your outdoor fire pit area when you can rely on the natural landscape to set a relaxing tone? Take a cue from the Growing Garden’s yard and make sure your fire pit seating is facing your stunning view. If you have a stunning view, that is.

Credit: Apartment Therapy

33. Space it Out

Lucky enough to have a spacious outdoor area? Do yourself a favor and opt for a boxy outdoor sectional sofa, like this reversible one at West Elm, to carve out a distinct fire pit nook in your yard. Let Heather Taylor and Alex de Cordoba’s Hollywood, California, home be the perfect backyard inspiration.

Credit: Kat Alves

34. Find a Fountain of Youth

In Christina Dobrinski’s Sacramento, California backyard, an eye-catching water fountain makes an artful statement in a snug fire pit area. The artful juxtaposition of fire and water is one of our favorite fire pit ideas.

35. Add Some Objet

A sculptural fire pit bowl or table, like this low profile iron one at Terrain, brings a pop of personality to an expansive outdoor area. Hunter Wimmer and Casie Permenter’s backyard strikes a balance between subtle and statement.

Credit: Marcia Prentice

36. Spruce it up With Shapes

A curvaceous pair of woven lounge chairs, like these circular wicker ones at Walmart, bring a touch of comfort and drama to an otherwise subdued fire pit setup. Check out Peggy Hsu and Chris McCullough’s Los Angeles, California backyard for inspiration.

37. Dream up the Details

Even the smallest decorative details can make an impact in an outdoor fire pit area. Case in point: Steven Shortridge’s Venice, California backyard, where you’ll find a tiny sculpture near the fire pit adds an artful element to the whole scene. 

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