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The Space-Saving Air Purifying Fan That Keeps Me Comfortable in the Scorching Louisiana Summer Heat

published Jul 21, 2023
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As much as I love the summer, I dread a lot of what comes with it. Wasps are out in full force, the sun is blazing, and my electricity bill suddenly skyrockets. Oof. Needless to say, I’m always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing my comfort in the summer. I have a pretty high tolerance for my apartment being stuffy, but my guests hate it, so I try to not test anyone’s temperature limit. There’s no reason to be hot and angry. Fortunately, fans are a thing. Even better, fans have gotten some serious improvements over the years!

While a good box fan or tower fan can go far when it comes to beating the heat, it does sometimes take trial and error to find one that really fits your lifestyle. I’ve learned that I need a fan that swivels, is quiet, can be controlled remotely, and covers a wide range of space with ease. The less I have to get up to physically move the fan, the better. The good news is that I have a fan that checks all of those boxes and more: It’s the Airmega Aim from editor-favorite brand Coway.

What is the Airmega Aim?

As one of Coway‘s latest rollouts, the Airmega Aim is an oscillating air-purifying fan that helps to capture dust, allergens, pet hair and dander, pollen, and mold. Its three-stage filtration system is made up of a pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and deodorization filter; and also combats unpleasant odors from pets and smoke. The barrel of the fan tilts from -15 to 90 degrees, which makes it easier to target the areas you want to keep clear as well as giving it an upright profile for simpler storage. When I’m not using the fan, I point it straight up and tuck it into a corner until I’m ready to use it again — which is usually the next day!

The Airmega Aim has an auto-oscillating feature that swivels the fan up to 80 degrees for a wide reach that’s ultra-refreshing for smaller spaces. Thanks to its 360-degree air intake, the fan pulls in contaminants from every direction and pushes out clean air wherever you “aim” it. The air-purifying fan can pull in nano-sized particles as small as 0.09 microns, and by pointing it downward, you can collect bad odors, pet hair, and other micro-particles that your vacuum or a broom might miss. While I typically use the manual setting on the fan, it does have an Auto Mode that reads the air quality of the room and adjusts the fan speed as needed. A color-coded air quality index also lets you know the air quality status in real-time. Plus, it’s super easy to read: Red is bad, orange is moderate, and green is good.

With its included remote controls the power, Auto Mode, fan speed, oscillation, and optional light, the Airmega Aim can be operated from a distance as far as 11 feet. Additionally, a light indicator on the device itself also takes the guesswork out of knowing when it’s time to replace the filter.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the Airmega Aim

With two dogs at home, I’ve had the Airmega Aim in constant use during this hot summer in Louisiana. Not only is it keeping us all cool and preventing outside smells from stinking up the inside of the apartment, but it’s also helped to reduce my use of the central A/C, which typically runs my electric bill up in the warmer months. As soon as I get up in the morning and take the dogs out, I set up the fan in its usual spot between the living room and dining room. The auto-oscillation sweeps air across the entire living room, which is where we spend most of our time. That means I don’t have to rely on the indoor A/C to keep the temperature down. Though it goes up to three, the level two manual fan speed is enough to make it comfortable. Even after I’ve been sweating from running up and down stairs in the heat or the dogs have happily rolled around in the grass, I don’t have to worry about any unwanted scents in our home.

I didn’t think I’d use the Airmega Aim as much as I do since I rarely turn on my ceiling fans, but it’s a daily fixture in my space! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a powerful fan to assist (or rival) their air conditioner, keep the air clean, and help you stay cool in the process. Coway has done it again — I couldn’t be happier with this fan!

Buy: Airmega Aim, $149.99