This Ingenious Amazon Find With More Than 5,700 Five-Star Reviews Turns Any Mason Jar Into The Perfect Pitcher for Summer

published Jul 4, 2022
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Credit: Wren Kitchens

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a cabinet full of mason jars. Whether they’re from leftover gourmet soup, you ordered them for canning, or you plan to use them for meal-planning your WFH lunch, we’ve all got way too many. Unless you’ve got lots of homemade jams to store, chances are you’re not really putting those handy glass containers to work. There are tons of useful ways to repurpose your mason jars (like with this handy grater set) but when it comes to using the jars as drinking vessels, well, it’s not quite so easy. Many of us love the wide-mouth of a mason jar, but what happens when you want to take that iced tea on the go or store your green juice in the fridge?

That’s where County Line Kitchen’s Airtight Mason Jar Flip Cap comes in. Simply screw this handy attachment on your mason jar, and voilà, you’ve got an airtight vessel (which, unlike other lid options), you can easily take a swig from.

Constructed with quality plastic and an effective silicone gasket that prevents leaks and spills, this Flip Cap Lid can handle anything. It’s compatible with all brands of wide-mouth mason jars (Kerr, Ball, you name it) and is sturdy enough to easily withstand a knock off the countertop or repeated daily use. In fact, its durability surprised many customers (who used other breakable options) were pleased with this accessory’s unexpected indestructible nature. “How could a plastic lid and handle support the weight of a half gallon mason jar filled to the brim with coffee?,” asked one reviewer. “The answer is that this thing is made with high-grade plastic that’s very sturdy! I’m very pleasantly surprised that it can handle so much weight without bending at all!”

While some used it for their daily water intake, or a refreshing lemonade on the go, others found the Flip Cap useful for what many of us deem the most important beverage of the day: Coffee. This reviewer found the Cap to be game-changing for their morning cup: “These lids with handles upgraded my cold brew game dramatically. I’m actually back for a fourth handled lid so we can keep our cold brew tea running too! Can’t have too many options in the summer heat.” We love that these lids are just a wash away from compatibility with all drinks, but if you’re looking for a super specialized lid, County Line also makes a cold brew version of the cap. Just saying, maybe you should buy both?

When it comes to drinking out of the Cap, it’s got a large spout so you can happily gulp down that thirst-quencher. Plus, the thing won’t close on its own without a helping hand. AKA, don’t expect the lid to crash down on your nose mid-sip. Many reviewers commented on how functional and well-made the design is: “The flip-top has not detached once!,” exclaimed one happy customer. “They’re so good I’ve encouraged family and friends to buy them, especially people like my grandma, who has problems lifting things.” A great tip! But this reviewer didn’t stop there, following up with some cleaning advice: “I hand-washed them at first but, once I realized that removing the silicon gasket was easy, I now pop these into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Again, no problems!” If there’s one thing we love most, it’s an effortless cleanup!

Oh and before we forget, you can snag the Flip Cap Lid right now on sale at Amazon in four fun colors. If there’s one easy (and cheap!) gadget you need for all the summer adventures ahead, this is it!