10 Countertop Dishwashers Built Just for Your Tiny Kitchen

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Once you live in a place that has a dishwasher, it’s hard to go back to doing the dishes by hand. The minutes that would have been spent scouring and scrubbing every day get allocated to other chores, work, or — if you’re lucky — a little “me” time, and soon you couldn’t fit hand-washing plates and bowls into your schedule even if you wanted to. That is, until you move into a new home that, despite all its benefits, doesn’t have a dishwasher.

Whether you’ve recently had to give up your dishwasher or you’re looking to get one for the first time, countertop dishwashers are a smart and small-space-friendly way to add this convenience to your home. You can find models for any sized kitchen counters, and they’re all much simpler (and cheaper) to set up than a traditional dishwasher. Browse our top picks to find the one that will help you leave hand-washing dishes behind for good.

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Finding a countertop dishwasher for under $200 is nearly impossible — but we did it. This budget-friendly dishwasher is also extremely compact and can hold anywhere from 12 to 20 pieces of tableware (plus utensils). It includes two water hoses, one for incoming that screws onto your faucet head, and one for outgoing that you can hang over the side of your sink to drain.

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If you can spare the additional counter space, get this 24-inch wide dishwasher. It has a ton of room for all your dishes and six wash cycles to choose from depending on how dirty your dishes are. The universal adapter hooks up to any kitchen faucet and an automatic detergent dispenser means you don't have to measure out the soap every time you clean a load of dishes.

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At 18 inches wide and 17 inches tall, this compact dishwasher is one of the most small-space-friendly models available. It has an internal 5-liter water tank and can drain directly into your sink via a hose that hooks up to the back. Plus, the UV light inside helps sanitize dishes as they dry.

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With this compact dishwasher, you have the option to either hook it up to your faucet or fill up the built-in water tank. It weighs about 26 pounds when empty, so it's not too heavy, and it has five cleaning settings to choose from, including a gentle one that's perfect for washing all your produce after you bring it home from the grocery store.

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In addition to its multiple spray arms and spacious interior, one thing we really like about this countertop dishwasher is simple: it has push buttons! Digital interfaces and touch-sensitive buttons never work as easily as they should, so the buttons on this machine offer a much nicer intuitive interface. At a full 24 inches wide, this model is priced quite fairly, too.

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With five cleaning modes, a 5-liter water tank, and a small footprint, this is one of the most powerful yet compact countertop dishwashers we've ever seen. It has a secondary rack inside to hold mugs and free up the main area for larger dishes, and when you're adding water it will beep to let you know when it's full. That's super helpful because you need to have the water level pretty accurate in order for the machine to run smoothly.

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This countertop dishwasher is a favorite among Amazon shoppers, who have given it over 1,400 5-star ratings and have great things to say about it. "I am genuinely obsessed with this dishwasher," one reviewer wrote. "I had to sacrifice the space of my Keurig and toaster but that was more than fine with me." It has a generous 5-liter water tank and a top vent to improve air circulation when it's drying.

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Unlike full-size dishwashers, this small-space-friendly model is exceptionally quiet. It's only 50 decibels at its loudest, which is about as noisy as a quiet conversation. And because its hot-air drying system includes a vent on the side, it prevents the inside from ever getting musty or remaining damp even if you leave your cleaned dishes in there for a while.

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was $379.99

Magic Chef is a name we trust, and this powerful dishwasher delivers sparkling clean results thanks to its dual spray arms — one on the bottom and one of the top. We also like that you get a removable top rack, so you can use it to hold extra mugs, cups, and bowls when you need to, or move it out of the way if you have lots of large dishes, such as plates, to clean.

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This high-end model is a little pricier than our other picks, but it's worthwhile if you need something that can handle nearly a full-size dishwasher's worth of dishes. It includes a water intake hose that easily connects to your faucet, as well as a drainage hose that you can hang over the side of your sink. Plus, with over 2,000 5-star ratings, it's a favorite among Amazon shoppers.