Could This Robotic Arm Be the Future of Lattes?

published Jan 31, 2017
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(Image credit: Cnet)

If part of the reason you love getting your morning latte is flirting with the cute barista, your life could be getting a little more boring, thanks to Gordon, the robot barista arm of the future, reports Cnet.

Gordon works at San Francisco’s Cafe X, and although he’s just an arm he can operate two professional-grade coffee machines to offer everything from a cup of joe to a shot of espresso.

(Image credit: James Martin/CNET)

Chief Executive Henry Hu says the main benefit Gordon offers over his human counterparts is efficiency. If all this sounds a little too much like droids taking over the workforce, don’t worry — the point of Gordon isn’t to replace human service (after all, Gordon can’t weigh in on the nutty undertones of different coffee blends), but to complement it.

Would you be excited or a little creeped out to see a robotic arm at the end of your macchiato?