Could This Bizarre "Cake" Really Be the Next Cronut?

Could This Bizarre "Cake" Really Be the Next Cronut?

Kaitlin Flannery
Apr 4, 2016
(Image credit: Tim Ireland)

Well, I'm certainly not convinced. This strange raindrop cake is making the rounds on the Internet, and the sheer novelty of the thing has people thinking it might someday be as popular as the Cronut or a ramen burger. Yeah ... I'm not biting.

I mean ... look at it. Would you?

The jiggly blob you see above is made of nothing more than agar and mineral water — that's it; the end. It seems that most of the enjoyment to be had from the zero-calorie dessert comes from feeling the agar dissolve in your mouth, but I can't imagine that the texture is that mind-blowing. Maybe if it was flavored like a cocktail or something, but plain gelatin? Nah.

Yeah, it's interesting, but I don't think interesting is enough. Sure, ramen burgers, Cronuts, and rainbow bagels have that "new newness" going for them too, but they're also tasty by some measure of the word. Funfetti cake-flavored rainbow bagels might not be for everybody, but they certainly have more appeal than this literally flavorless — yes, flavorless — raindrop cake.

The cake's website says the dessert is inspired by a traditional Japanese mochi called Mizu Shingen, so I'm sure there's some sort of cultural significance I'm missing, but I don't know that I can be convinced. Do you think this will catch on in the U.S., or will it wither away into nothing?

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