Could San Francisco Be the First U.S. City to Pass a Soda Tax?

(Image credit: Flickr member alan.stoddard)cc by-nd 2.0

Like many cities before them San Francisco and their neighbor across the bay, Berkley, will be voting next week on whether or not a soda tax should be put into place.

Berkley is proposing a one cent per ounce tax while San Francisco is planning a tw0 cent per ounce tax.

While they are by no means the first to add such measures to the ballot, S.F. and Berkley — two decidedly liberal cities — could be the first to pass them.

Of course, soda companies are spending big to fight the ballot initiatives especially because of the drop in profits resulting from a nationwide soda tax in Mexico that was put into place earlier this year. We’ll be watching to see how residents of these cities vote on Tuesday.

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