Shopping at Costco Is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier

(Image credit: Mike Mozart)cc by 2.0

If going to Costco is a daunting endeavor for you, then it could be getting a whole lot easier. Soon, shoppers may no longer have to fight for a parking spot, whip out their membership card to secure entry into the wholesale market, or lug around giant bulk containers of cereal and chips in and out of their carts.

How come? The membership-only warehouse club has partnered with a third-party service for grocery delivery. Get excited.

In the greater Tampa area, online grocery delivery service Shipt has added Costco to its roster of supermarkets. This partnership will expand to 50 different markets by the end of 2017. Consumers within a three- to four-mile radius of a Costco can use the Shipt app to have their goods delivered to their doorstep without having to do much heavy lifting. While Shipt will deliver groceries, including perishable items, it will not deliver apparel, furniture, or electronics.

The process is simple: Shipt members go on the app and shop for the goods they want. After selecting a one-hour delivery window, they pay for their order and move on with their lives. This seamless shopping experience will likely be attractive to busy parents, those without reliable means of transportation, and even shoppers who need assistance carrying goods.

(Image credit: via Costco)

USA Today reports that 70 percent of shoppers believe they’ll be shopping for groceries online by the next decade. And according to the Food Marketing Institute, an estimated 20 percent of grocery shopping could be done online by 2025.

Costco works on a membership program — consumers get an annual membership and then reap the benefits of wholesale prices on bulk items. There will be “perks” for existing Costco members to use Shipt, while those who are not members can still place an order using the app, reports MarketWatch.

Shipt — which offers unlimited free delivery for an annual membership fee of $99 — is not the first to do this, reports CNBC, as third-party delivery company Instacart offers a similar service in the city of San Francisco for Costco shoppers.

Sadly, Costco’s delicious food samples are not part of the delivery service.