This “Crisp” $14 French Wine Is the Only Bottle I’m Serving at Easter This Year

published Mar 27, 2024
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Pouring rose wine from bottle into glass against beautiful peonies, closeup
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I absolutely cannot resist a good brunch. Hands-down it’s my favorite springtime meal, and with good reason. When else can you sleep in and recharge with a plate piled high with sweet and savory foods? I’m talking fruit, eggs, breads, pastries, and whatever else the brunch gods can conjure up for the occasion. (Yes, brunch is an occasion.)

The best part of the experience — the pièce de résistance that effortlessly brings it all together — is the drinks. Bellinis, Bloody Marys, and mimosas are all great libations, but wine is always my go-to when it comes time to brunch. 

Credit: Samantha Hunter

Last month, I traveled to Miami Beach during the annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival. I attended a beautiful brunch at Mondrian South Beach and chatted with Emma Bertrand, a sommelier and creative director of Gérard Bertrand Wines, which hosted the event, about — you guessed it — what makes a great brunch wine. “It’s something easy, accessible, and fun,” says Emma, and goes well with (almost) everything, including tequila.

What’s So Great About Cote de Roses Rose?

Since launching 11 years ago, Côte de Roses signature rosé has made its way onto shelves at some of the biggest retailers in the U.S., like Target and Walmart. Not only did I enjoy the taste of this rosé (which is dry, but not too dry, and offers just a touch of sweetness along with a delightful fruitiness — it’s hitting all the right notes!), but the affordable price point also makes it super easy to fall for as well. It didn’t overpower the dishes or my palate, and this was over the course of several hours.

Credit: Samantha Hunter

In fact, it pairs easily with all kinds of egg recipes, avocado toast, and more. If you dare, Emma recommends using this rosé in light brunch cocktails too. (Her favorite is a rosé margarita — “very classic, but still fresh and citrusy,” she says.) 

Buy: Gérard Bertrand Côte Des Roses Rosé Wine, $14.47 for 750 milliliters at Total Wine

What are some of your favorite wines for spring brunches? Tell us about it in the comments below.