Idaho Couple Got Married Between the Beer and Wine Aisles at Local Costco

published Apr 17, 2018
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It’s a running joke that Costco’s stuff is always good, from the copycat Nutella to the plastic wrap to the $7.99 bottles of Prosecco. If Costco made a Kirkland Signature car, I would buy it, and I am genuinely thinking about refinancing a mortgage through Costco.

Now one couple has taken that even further and decided that if everything that comes out of Costco is good, then there’d be no better place to start their married life together. So they got married in a Costco, right between the beer and wine aisles.

According to KMVT, this is the first wedding the Twin Falls, Idaho, Costco has ever seen. Annette Brown and Ron Wales were originally just planning on getting married at the courthouse in front of a judge, but then they started to think, Why not Costco?

“I get everything at Costco, and nothing bad comes from here it seems,” Wales said.

And Costco does make things easy, too. Some couples spend a year or more planning a wedding. Wales and Brown were able to get married in the Costco with less than a month’s notice. The general manager even officiated the wedding, which is sort of like being married by a ship captain.

(Image credit: KMVT11)

General Manager Bonnie Schaeffer said she was surprised by the request, but that if anyone loved Costco that much, she wanted to make it happen for them.

Their Kirkland Signature marriage began on Wednesday, April 11, with their friends and family gathered between the beer and wine aisles at the Twin Falls Costco. The flowers, food, cake, and even Brown’s ring all came from Costco, too. And they had a sign over the guestbook reading: “All good things come from Costco.”

It was a sweet, romantic day, and not much more effort than going to a courthouse. And when you get married at a courthouse, you can’t stop for groceries and the $1.50 hot dog deal on the way out.

What do you think of getting married at Costco?