This $1 Costco Treat Has Shoppers Buying Cases at Time

published Oct 31, 2023
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Tiramisu is a popular dessert for a fancy date night at a nice Italian restaurant (or at home, if you are feeling ambitious!) and usually involves ladyfingers that are dipped in coffee and then made into a layered parfait with whipped egg and mascarpone cheese, and then finally dusted with cocoa. It’s a pretty work-intensive dessert, so it was pretty surprising when a TIkTok post revealed Costco was selling cases of six glass cups of tiramisu for only $1!

“Literally the only reason I buy these are for the cups!” shared one TikTok commenter about these Dessert Italiano Tiramisu Cups, which are found in the refrigerator section at the warehouse store. The cups are popular not only for a steal of a price, but also because they’re made with real Italian mascarpone for a resulting layered dessert that is just what we want in this particular dish — creamy, slightly sweet, and creamy with a flavor of coffee and cocoa.

In the first TikTok, the expiration date is listed as October 29, and the video had only been posted earlier this week, so it is possible the cups are this affordable because they’re going to have a short shelf life. Others comment that this item usually costs around $10 at their own location.

According to Costco experts on Reddit, food that is about to expire tends to go on discount so shoppers will be enticed to buy it, hence the major discount on tiramisu. If the food does reach that expiration date, some Costco stores store it away and will donate it to Feeding America.

Even for the normal price of $10 — with each cup equating to around $2 each — that still feels like a steal for such a fancy dessert. Plus, after the dessert is gone, you’re left with a set of glass cups you can use for a variety of delicious recipes, like yogurt parfaits and overnight oats, cocktails, or even desserts like flan or panna cotta. The possibilities are truly endless!