Costco Is Opening Its Own Sushi Counter Soon, and Fans Are Completely Torn Over the News

published Jun 7, 2023
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CHICAGO - APRIL 2023: Costco Big Box Store and Sign in April 2023 in Chicago. Net company sales for the first 24 weeks of 2023 rose 7.3 percent but are disappointing and less than analysts expected.
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Costco seems to be on the verge of some big news, with shoppers recently discovering a new fresh sushi counter going in at their flagship location in Issaquah, Washington. Not highly regarded in the past for their pre-packaged sushi selection, the popular discount club was surprisingly spotted installing what looks to be a Kirkland Signature sushi counter by a local shopper, who proceeded to share the exciting news on Reddit. 

“An employee saw me taking a picture and told me it opens this coming Friday, 6/9,” the shopper captioned in their post. “Hoping it’s better than the pre-packaged variety they’ve sold in the past.”

Costco is known to use their flagship location as a testing ground before rolling out to other locations nationwide, and by setting up a fresh sushi counter right next to their coveted bakery department, it seems that they plan on upping their game in a major way. And consumers definitely seem to be torn over the news. With locations in Hawaii and Japan already featuring the fresh sushi counter for some time now, opinions were definitely flying.

“I tried Costco sushi from the Honolulu store, it was terrible as well. We ate them cold and the rice was pretty hard. Whole Foods sushi is better than this,” wrote one user, while another stated, “This is supposed to be freshly made and rolled in the warehouse — the other sushi they carry comes from a distributor and is known to be horrible. Which is why everyone is excited.”

If you have any experience eating sushi in general, then you would be highly aware of the fact that sushi can most certainly be hit or miss, and it really comes down to who prepared it. As Costco rolls out this possible new feature to more locations, consumers are just going to have to take the plunge and assume the risk of trying something new. But the silver lining here is you could potentially be ordering something fresh and delicious, and avoid the annoyances of cold, hard rice that has been sitting out for hours. 

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