Of Course You’d Only Buy This 4-Foot-Tall Wine Glass from Costco for Decoration. Of Course.

published Nov 6, 2018
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(Image credit: Philip Arno Photography)

Of all the weird and wonderful items available for purchase at Costco (including a year’s worth of emergency food in case of the apocalypse, and a $6,400 bottle of cognac), this might top the list of the wackiest. For just $99, you could be the proud owner of a four-foot-tall wine glass, which is intended to be used for decorative purposes only. Obviously.

You could, as the Costco website suggests, fill it with used wine corks, as an homage to all your successful dinner parties. It might also make a festive holiday decoration. Maybe fill it with ornaments, or drape it in tinsel. Next Halloween you could fill it with water tinged with red food coloring and carrying it around as part of your costume (maybe as Amy Schumer’s character from that infamous Friday Night Lights skit?).

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Costco)

I don’t necessarily recommend filling the wine glass up with actual wine and trying to drink out of it — I mean, it looks heavy, for one thing — but I understand the impulse. You were probably going to drink three glasses of wine at dinner, so why not just dump them all in one convenient glass? After a long week of raising your children or dealing with your insufferable boss, I am sure filling a four-foot-tall glass with wine and drinking every last drop sounds extremely tempting. But again, maybe avoid doing that?

Instead, use Costco’s giant wine glass to simply show off that you love wine. Enough that you use a wine glass the size of a child to house things other than liquid, like flowers, or sand, or your shell collection. Think of it as a very large vase, one that reminds you, every time you walk by it, that once the kids are home from school and the clock hits 5:30, you can pour yourself a glass of wine. In a normal-sized glass … that fits in your hand.