Costco’s Changes to a Fan-Favorite Dessert Has Customers Angry

published Dec 12, 2023
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Costco storefront and parking lot with shopping carts
Credit: Helen89/Shutterstock

Costco is truly royalty when it comes to dessert. From chocolate churro bark to mini gingerbread cakes, your sweet tooth will be singing Costco’s praises after a trip to the bakery aisle. Known for its low prices, bulk items, and quality products, it’s no wonder shoppers flock to the warehouse for all the essentials (and then some). 

Earlier this year, Costco restocked its shelves with the iconic gooey cinnamon rolls that had people drooling. The pull-apart treats are caked in cream cheese frosting and best served warm for maximum deliciousness. However, the treat was recently spotted again by @costcohotfinds with a few less than welcome changes.

The most noticeable difference is the change in price. While the cinnamon rolls were selling for just $7.99 earlier this year, Costco hiked up the price a whopping $5 for a total of $12.99 for a package of six rolls. “Inflation hits us all. Even Costco,” wrote one user, while another commented, “They tasted better at $7.99.”

Despite the unwanted change in price, Costco fans were also disappointed to see a change in the recipe of the beloved treats. While Laura of @costcohotfinds mentioned in the video that they think the tweaked recipe is “phenomenal,” others are bummed about the adjustments. Some are saying that the new version is less gooey and a bit more firm in texture, while others are accusing the brand of not making them fresh like they used to make them.

Plenty of Costco members have raved about the new recipe, even amongst the backlash. “These are amazing. The best cinnamon rolls ever,” posted a TikTok user. Others even suggested adding nuts to the top like almonds or pecans for a little extra crunch.

While the new version of this old favorite will set you back nearly $13, many say the treat is worth it, but you’ll have to decide for yourself.