Costco’s $33 Double-Duty Storage Gem Instantly Decluttered My Messiest Kitchen Cabinet

published Mar 6, 2024
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When it comes to home organization, sometimes the simplest solution can make all the difference — especially in the kitchen! The best way to keep your kitchen tidy is to keep it organized in a way that makes it easier to quickly see what you have on your shelves and in your cabinets. I find that the space under my kitchen sink is a magnet for clutter. After all, who isn’t easily tempted by the many offerings in the cleaning aisle at Target, even though  all of those shiny products may or may not fit under your sink? If you can relate, you’ll understand that when my husband brought home this bamboo kitchen organizer from Seville Classics after a trip to Costco, I was excited to try it out right away. Although it is advertised as a bag organizer, I found it can serve a variety of purposes around my home. 

What’s So Great About Costco’s Seville Classics Bamboo Plastic Bag Organizer?

By definition, this is a trash bag organizer (similar to this one from Aldi, and this one from Target), which made me feel a bit skeptical at first. After all, trash bags typically come in either a box of their own, or are rolled neatly, so they’re not exactly a major source of clutter for me. But there was a lot more to love about this useful organizer, like its ability to store all those grocery bags that go rogue and end up cluttering drawers and cabinets. It also has a removable storage tray on the top that can hold things like sponges, soap, dish tabs, and more. The tray features a removable divider, allowing you to store a few larger items or several smaller items. Measuring 13.5 inches by 7 inches by 12 inches, this sleek caddy is perfectly sized for the space below your kitchen sink, but it’s also right at home in several other spaces in my home. 

5 Ways to Use the Seville Classics Bamboo Organizer All Over Your Home

There’s nothing better than a multi-purpose gadget! And, like I said, this handy little organizer can be used for storing lots of things beyond just trash bags. Here are some of the other ways I’ve used this organizer in my home.

Credit: Christin Perry

1. Organize medical supplies.

Need a quick way to tend to boo-boos and find all those at-home COVID tests you’ve been collecting? This bamboo organizer offers plenty of space to store medicine and medical supplies. Now I don’t have to search for daily go-tos like band-aids and Tylenol. I use the vertical openings for tissues and medical gloves here, too.

Credit: Christin Perry

2. Keep bathroom supplies tidy.

If there’s one place that gets messier than under the kitchen sink, it’s under the bathroom sink. I often catch myself buying replacements of things I already have simply because I can’t find them in the clutter. I started using this organizer to keep things like wipes, cotton balls, Q-tips, and other often-used bathroom items in one place, while relegating lesser-used items to the back of the cabinet. 

Credit: Christin Perry

3. Display beauty items.

Perhaps my favorite way to use this bamboo organizer is to keep all of my daily beauty items organized and on display. Because I have a tendency to use the same products every day, I keep my hair and makeup products on the top for easy access. Then I use the vertical openings for tissues and Q-tips. 

Credit: Christin Perry

4. Corral art supplies.

In my household, when it’s not screen time, it’s art time. All four of my kids, ages 5 to 15, love to draw; trace; play with clay, slime, Play-Doh; and paint. Art projects mean art supplies, and art supplies mean … clutter! I started using the bamboo organizer as a way to keep their most-used art supplies in one place. While sadly the organizer isn’t tall enough to house a full roll of paper towels (with the top tray on, that is), a tissue box fits perfectly for quick cleanups. And a box of latex gloves is a handy way to keep little hands clean when painting, or for clay projects for the older kids. 

Credit: Christin Perry

5. Organize laundry accessories.

Even if you use the large tubs of laundry detergent (also at Costco!), you probably have lots of smaller items lying around the laundry room that can quickly lead to disorganization. Consider using this bamboo organizer to house things like dryer sheets and wool dryer balls, bottles of stain remover, and even fabric softener.

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In case you’re not near a Costco (or haven’t decided whether a Costco membership is worth it or not), don’t worry — Amazon sells plenty of similar organizers that ship directly to your door. This SpaceAid bag organizer is similar (for a few dollars less), and comes with “trash” and “grocery” labels for an extra-organized space.

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