Yes, You Do Need This 7-Pound Bucket of Nutella from Costco

updated May 24, 2019
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Forget what you heard about so-called “healthy eating” New Year’s resolutions. You made it all the way through 2018 and now you have to do another year all over again. You deserve something special, a small treat for yourself. Ah yes, this nearly seven-pound tub of Nutella from Costco will do just fine.

Now, I am well aware that seven pounds is a lot of Nutella, and if you’re just putting it on your toast in the morning, you might not think you need that much. But Nutella is actually a versatile dessert ingredient that has much more to offer than a simple breakfast spread. For instance, I know you’ve been meaning to try your hand at making ice cream. Nutella comes in handy for that. Or how about a batch of brownies? It’s useful there too. Also, hot cocoa! Really any chocolate dessert that works with a subtle hazelnut flavor would benefit from a dollop of Nutella.

So Costco’s Nutella bucket will come in handy if you’re trying to sharpen your baking skills or just like to impress your friends with treats when they come over, but what about in your everyday life? My guess is that Costco is catering to people with big families to feed at breakfast with this bulk Nutella offering, but who says single people can’t enjoy it on their own? I doubt you’re going to get to sick of Nutella, even if you eat it every single day.

By the way, Costco is also selling the Nutella bucket online (for $22!), which means you don’t even have to be a member to enjoy this glorious tub.