Costco’s Giant Summer-Ready Sangria Bottles Are Only $6.99

updated Jul 19, 2019
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Costco has two central pillars that have established it as a beloved big-box store in the country: convenience and bulk. At Costco you can find buckets of Nutella and mac and cheese, a wine glass as tall as a small child, and, now, giant bottles of sangria that are perfect for summer and — unsurprisingly for Costco — completely affordable. 

Costco’s Kirkland red sangria comes in 1.5-liter bottles, and costs just $6.99. That means you can easily stock up on a supply to have on hand for the rest of the summer. Sangria is the ideal summer drink — a little fruity, a little spicy, a little sweet — and it wouldn’t be out of place at picnics, barbecues, or beach parties. 

I haven’t tried it myself, but the description on the back of the bottle boasts “Mediterranean spices and natural Valencia orange essence.” Sounds like the perfect thing to sip while watching the sunset on the nearest body of water. Or, you know, just on your couch while watching a good movie.

Of course, sangria is super simple to make from scratch. All you typically need is red wine, sliced fruit like oranges, and brandy (and you can also add sparkling water and Cointreau). Dump all those ingredients in a punch bowl, let it rest overnight, and you have a big-batch drink that your guests and friends can enjoy without much stress on your end. 

Costco’s bottled sangria takes even that step out of the party-planning equation. Simply leave a few chilled bottles out on the counter or picnic table, and let everyone fend for themselves. And if you’re in the mood to customize, you should feel free to! Simply slice up some apples or citrus fruit and combine with the sangria and some ice in a punch bowl. See? That wasn’t so hard.