One of Our Favorite Healthy Costco Snacks Is Now on Sale

updated May 1, 2019
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If there’s one Costco fact we’ve been trying to prove to you lately, it’s that the warehouse store carries plenty of healthy foods. For starters, there’s the top-quality produce. There’s also all sorts of healthy snacks for a lunch box, good-for-you frozen items, and even a pretty healthy food court option.

We actually have a favorite among the many healthy options — and it happens to currently be on sale.

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We first heard that these Organic Aussie Bites were on sale thanks to costcodeals on Instagram and we’ve since been able to confirm it. While prices vary by store and location, they’re currently $2.50 off at stores (and online) — now through September 30. We’ve seen them marked down to $7.49 at some locations and a more-expensive-yet-still-reasonable $9.49 at others (compared to the usual $12).

If you’re wondering what an Organic Aussie Bite is, it’s okay, we weren’t sure at first either. While we still don’t know what Australia has to do with them, they’re tasty trail mix muffin-like bites. Made with nuts, grains, seeds, and dried fruits, they also happen to be loaded with Omega-3s and two grams of fiber. Note: Some of our readers have commented that they think there’s too much sugar in one of these (8 grams), so that’s something to keep in mind if sugar is a concern of yours.

Pro tip: You should stock up while these are on sale because they freeze pretty well! (You’re allowed to buy up to 10 containers!) Keep them in the freezer and just put one in your lunch bag. By the time you go to eat it, it’ll be defrosted and ready to eat.

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Do you love these Bites as much as we do? What else have you gotten on sale at Costco lately?