The Under-$20 Costco Find You Need to Buy Before the Holidays Get Here

updated Oct 22, 2019
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If you’ve been grocery shopping at Costco and skipping right by the home and kitchen sections, you’ve been missing out. Like, really missing out. There’s always something new to discover in these aisles (like this OXO set for your Instant Pot!). You’ll find top-notch brands, great deals, and exclusive items/sets that you won’t find anywhere else.

Credit: Heather McClees

Which brings me to one of Costco’s best new kitchen items of the year: this $18 Pyrex baking set. It would be a steal for just one baking dish, but you get two. The set is perfect for the holidays and it’ll last for years to come because it’s made of high-quality, heat-tolerant glass. I’ve already bought two sets and have been thinking about getting a third.

Credit: Heather McClees

Why This Baking Set Is Great for the Holidays

The set comes with two different-sized baking pans: one that’s 9×13 inches and holds 5 quarts, and one that’s 7×11 inches and holds 3.1 quarts. The large one is great for a main dish or a casserole, and the smaller one can be used for desserts, vegetables, or side dishes. Each dish also comes with a tight-fitting lid, which means you can transport your creation, make it ahead of time and stash it in the fridge, or easily save leftovers. Plus, these dishes are 50 percent deeper than traditional Pyrex dishes, which means they hold more food (crucial for feeding holiday crowds!).

Credit: Heather McClees

Oh, and can we talk about the price? Costco’s list price for this set is $17.99 (plus tax), but I’ve seen it marked as low as $12.99. (Note: Online it’s listed for even more for non-members, so you really want to get in the store to check out the price.)

Get this set and use it to make a holiday turkey (or if you’re vegetarian like me, a veggie-packed main!) and your dad’s favorite sweet potato casserole or your mom’s classic triple chocolate brownies. Just be forewarned: You might want to put your name on these when you take them to holiday get-togethers. I know from experience that it might be hard to get yours back. Which brings me to one more idea: It might be worth stocking up on a few sets so you can give them out as holiday gifts!

Have you bought anything at Costco for the holiday season yet? It’s never too early!