Costco Brought Back One of Its Most Popular Seasonal Bakery Finds — And It’s Cheaper than Last Year

published Oct 5, 2022
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Costco Wholesale storefront
Credit: Juan Llauro/Shutterstock

With inflation going the way it has been recently, we’re all holding our collective breath on which of our favorite items will increase in price and make our wallets feel the burn. Luckily, this financial blow won’t be cutting into one of our favorite pumpkin-season treats: Costco’s famous pumpkin pie. 

In an article posted on in September, Costco’s Senior Vice President, Bob Nelson, shot down rumors that the store planned on increasing its $1.50 hotdog and soda food-court deal despite inflation. Warehouse shoppers sighed with relief, but there was more good news on the way.

With a 2021 retail price hovering around $6.99, you would expect the wholesaler to keep the pie’s price stable, if not raise it. As it turns out, thankfully, not only has Costco not increased the price of its pumpkin pie, but they have actually lowered it. Some Costco locations are stocking their shelves with pumpkin pies for the 2020 price of $5.99. While we would love a price rollback to its original 1987 introduction dollar amount (they still use the same beloved recipe), we’ll take what we can get!

At $6, if you slice it in the traditional eight-piece pattern, that comes to only 75 cents a slice. Bonus: The pie is also way bigger than the traditional-sized one you would bake from scratch. Any way you slice it, this dessert makes ordering one of their hot dog deals seem like a dining-out splurge.

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