This Kid Just Started a Serious Campaign to Bring Polish Dogs Back to Costco

updated Jul 2, 2019
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Forget Biden, Harris, and Warren. Forget Hickenlooper, Swalwell, and Ryan (oops, we already had). The new name in a campaign this week is Polish. Polish dog, that is. A high school junior and Redditor named Izagani Aquino has created a whole political campaign asking Costco to bring back the Polish dog.

“Last year Costco removed our beloved Polish dogs from their food court menu,” explains Aquino in the YouTube video that launches the campaign. He calls the $1.50 dogs “a hallmark of our society,” explaining that they’re the perfect blend of spice and juiciness (I mean, he’s not wrong). The video is peppered with hot dog puns (“Let’s be frank … the wieners are the real wieners”), but mostly a very earnest campaign video asking Costco to bring back a favorite item. 

There are official graphics, a Facebook page (with only 10 followers as of the writing of this piece, but still), and an Instagram account (114 followers there!). The Reddit post in which he presents his case has mostly devolved into a sea of people complaining about other discontinued products. Even worse, a Canadian has chimed in to let everyone know that Polish dogs are still available in Canada, potentially torturing this political metaphor more than anyone ever intended.

There are a few supporters, though, mentioning they canceled their membership when the Polish dog was removed from the menu, asking about getting T-shirts made for the cause, and even declaring this more important than the 2020 presidential campaign (guys, I’m not sure).

But according to Aquino, the time has come to say “Yes, we can” to getting our Polish dogs back, and so on he leads — on the march to corporate, apparently.