Costco Just Brought Back This Fan-Favorite Grocery Item for a Limited Time (If You See It, Grab 2!)

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They’re back! Costco brought back a customer-favorite fruit that shoppers have patiently been waiting for: the Pinkglow pineapples!

Originally from Costa Rica, these pineapples are quite literally pink when you slice into them. The fruit is genetically modified and contains lycopene, which gives this fruit that pinkish hue on the inside. Customers say that the pink pineapple fruit is slightly sweeter compared to the regular yellow pineapple, and reminds some of the taste of pink Starbursts. The fruit is slightly smaller compared to a normal yellow pineapple, but still comes in that typical oval pineapple shape. Costco is selling the whole fruit for $9.99 each, so if you don’t know how to cut into a pineapple, you might want to learn how before buying one of these fruits at the warehouse.

The Pinglow pineapple, also known as the “Jewel of the Jungle,” was a fruit 15 years in the making. Del Monte started working on this product in 2005 by playing around with a genetically modified pineapple to see if they could change the color to a slightly pink hue. The fruit is hand-picked and sent from Costa Rica.

The Pinglow pineapple has been on and off Costco shelves for years now, and after a hiatus where shoppers awaited the return, this popular fruit is available once again to purchase in Costco locations in America as well as Canada. But you better grab one now before it’s too late — who knows how long these pink fruits will last on shelves this time around!

Once you have your hands on a pink pineapple, we have a feeling you’ll love whipping up this spicy pineapple punch for a pink drink, or an upside-down cake for a pink pineapple dessert!