You Need to Try This New Dessert from Costco Right Now

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Trong Nguyen)

Most of America might be just barely recovered from the latest run on Costco’s most famous dessert — the pumpkin pie that hasn’t changed in 31 years. The 12-inch pie, which weighs four pounds and can feed a crowd, sells in the millions every year. And, of course, we’ve already fallen in love with the three-pound cookie butter cheesecake.

But this year Delish reports that the geniuses behind the warehouse shop’s dessert selections have gone above and beyond: They’re selling four-packs of chocolate fudge lava cakes.

Okay, chocolate lava cakes may have come and long since gone from the list of restaurant trends, but just because they’re not super cool anymore doesn’t mean anyone stopped loving the fluffy cakes with melty, gooey insides.

The personal cakes come from UK-based company Pots & Co and are non-GMO and preservative free. They boast a luxurious chocolate fudge filling. Snack bloggers and Costco vloggers around the internet seem to feel they are about as good as they sound, considering the cakes “a steakhouse dessert” and “restaurant-worthy cake.” The product may have come out in test markets last year, but this year they’re much more ubiquitous, selling for $8.50 to $12.99 depending on the store, and people have commented that the lava cakes remind them of “a hot soufflé.”

Beside the soft, moist cake and molten hot chocolate in the center, one of the coolest things about these is that unlike a giant pie or a weighty cheesecake, you don’t need to have a big gathering or special occasion to delve into this treat. Each of the four cakes are in individual pots, which you just pop into the microwave for a minute or the oven for 12, and then it’s ready.