The $8 Costco Find That Beats New Jersey Diners

updated Jan 8, 2020
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If you’ve been reading my Kitchn articles (specifically, my Costco-related Kitchn articles) for a while now, you may know/remember how much my mom and I like to text each other about food. In fact, aside from chatter about my cute pup (hi, Millie, when did you learn how to read?), it’s pretty much all we talk about. I tell her what I’m meal prepping, she laments that she could never serve my dad a big salad for dinner, we highlight new-to-us groceries … it’s a hoot! To give you a closer look: Just the other night, she texted to tell me about this $7.99 bag of mini pancakes she just found at Costco.

She sent this photo and I was immediately impressed by the French-ness of the bag. My mom’s not much of a Francophile, though, so I pushed her for more. “Bought these at Costco and boy are they good!!!” she typed. “They come two in a cellophane bag and get nuked for 20 seconds. I found them in the bakery section (not frozen!) and it’s just $7.99 for a 2.2-pound bag.”

She then went on to tell me that they’re better than the silver-dollar pancakes she usually gets at the diner. These are HUGE words, coming from someone who has lived in New Jersey for almost her entire life (minus a few years she spent in Maryland). “They’re light and fluffy. Sometimes diner pancakes are kind of wet in the middle and these are consistent all the way though,” she explained.

She said they heat up more evenly than frozen pancakes and, while homemade pancakes are nice, especially on a chilly morning, making them can be a messy endeavor. This? Not so much. Now I just need an excuse to go sleep over so I can try these for myself.

Have you seen these at your local Costco?