Costco Opens in Manhattan: Will New Yorkers Buy in Bulk?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week, Costco opened a 105,000-square foot store on East 116th Street. Which means we city dwellers can now shop like our suburban friends and family—for 5-liter bottles of olive oil and 18-packs of paper towels.

Of course, several of the articles we’ve read focus on the non-edible goods (Louis Vuitton bags, Rolex watches), but we’re curious about the food. Is there stuff there that we’d appreciate, even though we can’t store enormous jars of peanut butter?

We’ve got some thoughts, but we don’t have a membership (yet). Which means we’re hoping some of you have been and can report back to us.

We’ve spent a lot of time in Costcos in other cities, and we’re always insanely jealous of the prices and want to fill a cart with all kinds of things. But then we remember how small our kitchen cabinets are and that we don’t have a second refrigerator.

However, we certainly think there things we’d stock up on. Namely staples like butter, milk, and olive oil, which we plow through pretty quickly. And if we were having a dinner party, we’d definitely appreciate the selection of meat and produce.

Our main concern is how people in Manhattan get this stuff home. We’re assuming they have a delivery service, like everywhere else.

We plan to browse soon (when our parents, who have a membership, come visit). If we’re smitten, we’re considering splitting the $50 membership with some good friends (shhh).

We’d love to know if any of you have been. What can you tell us? Is the inventory different because it’s geared towards New Yorkers with smaller apartments?

(Image: Costco)