The Most Underrated Grocery Item at Costco, According to Our Favorite Netflix Star

updated Jun 5, 2019
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(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

There’s a scene in an episode of Netflix’s widely acclaimed documentary series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat in which joyful host, Samin Nosrat, sips olive oil out of a wine glass. She is in Liguira, Italy, living the dream and learning about the three parameters that constitute a good olive oil: fruitiness, spiciness, and bitterness. We learn that the true measure of a particular olive oil’s quality happens when you sip it. If the flavor lingers on your tongue, as if it were alive, it’s good.

If you have seen this episode, and witnessed this exercise, you probably immediately wanted to do two things.

1. Book a flight to Italy ASAP.

2. See if the olive oil in your pantry passes the test.

(Am I right?! I’m usually right about these things.)

You probably also fairly surmised that you have to travel to Italy to purchase good-quality olive oil, fit for sipping out of your finest wine glass. But here’s the good news: that’s not the case!

Recently on episode 54 of the Forever 35 Podcast, Samin revealed her affinity for a way more accessible olive oil: Kirkland Signature Organic Olive Oil, which is just $17 for 2 liters. AT COSTCO.

(Image credit: Costco)

During the episode, Samin told hosts Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir, “It’s made in Italy and is super delicious and super inexpensive. There’s an annual blind tasting of olive oils, done by this olive oil organization in California, and this olive oil consistently rates really high, sometimes even the highest for widely available olive oils. It’s really clean of impurities and it tastes really good. I don’t use enough to justify me buying one of those, but it makes sense for anyone who cooks for more than one person to have.”

So there you have it, folks, straight from the mouth of America’s most beloved and trusted chef right now. You don’t have to fly to Italy to pick out the finest olive oil. You just have to find a loved one with a membership and make your way to your nearest Costco.

Have you had this olive oil? Do you agree with Samin?