These Are the Most Underrated Groceries at Costco, According to a Dozen Members

updated May 7, 2021
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In case you needed a reminder as to why a Costco membership is one of the only relationships that you need in your life, we asked a few members from all over the country to convince you. Of the thousands upon thousands of items to choose from, there are the recommendations that we hear over and over again. But what about the lesser known, hidden gems?

Read on to hear 12 passionate Costco members wax poetic about their favorite (yet often unsung) item in the mega-store. Spoiler alert: Not a single member said the five-tier wedding cake made entirely of cheese. (Note: Said Cheese Cake is now out of stock. cheesecake, on the other hand, is IN stock.)

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1. Dried Fruit

“Costco sells tons of dried fruit, like figs, mangoes, and cherries, which are significantly less expensive than everywhere else.” — Jodi G.

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2. Kirkland Signature Supreme Whole Almonds

“Costco’s three-pound bag of raw almonds is worth the membership alone. I always keep almonds in my purse, car, desk drawer — you name it — so I have a healthy snack when I need it. The plant-based protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats help me stay full longer and provide slow-burning energy. I go through these pretty quickly!” — Christy B.

3. Palmetto Cheese Jalapeño Pimento Cheese Dip

“I am from the South, where we love Pimento cheese! The most underrated item at Costco is this dip; it’s perfect on a sandwich or with crackers. But if you want a more boring answer, my other pick is Costco’s romaine hearts. They come in a six-pack and are a great value at about half the cost of the regular grocery store.” — Amy W.

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4. El Monterey Mexican Grill Taquitos

“As the mother of a 14-year-old boy, having these taquitos stocked in the freezer allows him and his friends to help themselves as often as they are hungry.” — Tami N.

5. Kirkland Signature Large White Eggs

“The item that nobody talks about (but should!) is the box of five-dozen cage-free eggs. I cook them in the Instant Pot weekly for meal prep, scramble them a few times a week for breakfast and dinners, usually make a frittata to use up leftover veggies, and use them in baking projects for everything from pancakes, to cookies, to quick breads.” — Patty C.

6. West End Cuisine Grilled Mediterranean Chicken Skewers

“I purchase this product every single time I go to Costco. It is the most flavor-packed grilled chicken I have ever tried and is made with quality ingredients. They make meal prep a breeze and are perfect for adding to salads for lunch, or with pasta and veggies for dinner.” —Brynn M.

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7. Kirkland Signature Coffee

“The Kirkland Signature Coffee available in a three-pound can is every bit as good as a gourmet San Francisco coffee. We’ve been using it for at least five years at one-third of the cost.” — Nita C.

8. Reser’s Main Street Mashed Potatoes

“Shhhh! Stop making homemade mashed potatoes! Costco sells a twin-pack of Reser’s Main Street Mashed Potatoes — two, 32-ounce containers. Make it special by adding milk, butter, salt, cheese, or whatever your stomach desires.” — Vivian Y.

9. Papa Pita Greek Pita Flat Bread

“I am a registered dietitian and busy mom of three young children. The Papa Pita Greek Pita Flat Bread is a staple on my Costco list. Add tomato sauce, mozzarella, and a variety of toppings for a quick weeknight pizza, or add sautéed vegetables to create a grilled veggie sandwich. They are incredibly versatile and provide eight grams of protein and four grams of fiber per serving.” — Sunny Y.

10. Kirkland Signature Almond Milk

“I always go to Costco to buy a six-pack of almond milk (they also sell a 12-pack). I use it every morning for my oatmeal. It’s so convenient to have a nice stash of almond milk in the house for baking or for morning coffee. It’s a nice alternative from other brands that have too much added sugar.” —Melanie S.

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11. Morey’s Marinated Wild Salmon

“I am a HUGE Costco shopper so this is really hard to choose, but I buy this salmon at least monthly. It comes frozen with a clean, herb-y marinade. It’s delicious and can be defrosted in less than 30 minutes. All in all, I can get it cooked and on the table in 15 minutes or less.” —Elizabeth G.

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12. Kirkland Signature Organic Olive Oil

“Not only does Costco’s olive oil taste fuller and richer than other grocery store olive oils, but it’s also just $17 for two liters! I reach for this stuff at least once every single day and I cringe at the thought of ever running out.” — Susan F.

What do you think? Do you have anything to add to this list?