Costco Just Added a New Pastry to the Bakery Section and It’s the Best $9 You’ll Spend All Week

published Nov 27, 2023
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Credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

Gingerbread is an essential part of many holiday celebrations. Whether people go for gingerbread dive bars or gingerbread men, it’s sure to be welcome on any menu. But perhaps the easiest way to incorporate this seasonal treat is via mini individual gingerbread cakes, which have now made a much-heralded appearance in the bakery section at Costco. 

“Mini Gingerbread Cakes at Costco!!! These are new in my Costco bakery and they’re so darn cute!!” Costco-centric Instagram content creator @costcohotfinds excitedly captioned a post. 

This new treat is proving to be such a popular holiday season find that it is flying off shelves and already has a Reddit thread in its honor. The gingerbread cakes are so popular, in fact, that fans are already finding creative ways to make them last a little longer. “OMG. You know if you put them in a Ziploc bag individually you can freeze them and then pull out when needed,”  commented one gingerbread-loving Instagram follower.

This seasonal treat made a brief appearance last holiday season but now is back in time for this year’s holidays, and features a baked gingerbread cake topped with vanilla buttercream icing and then an adorable chocolate garnish designed to look like a gingerbread man. It’s not hard to see why they are so popular when reading the reviews of Costco fans on @CostcoHotFind’s Instagram post. “These were delightful IMO. Small gingerbread crisp on the edges, the vanilla icing was way better than the typical cream cheese icing you see on their cupcakes — and I didn’t need to eat the whole thing, just a few bites because it was so dense! Would buy again for sure,” read another comment.

As it comes in a set of six mini gingerbread cakes for around $9, that works out to just about $1 per individual cake — a perfect way for everyone to have individual desserts at a festive holiday dinner. Over the past few years as the world adjusts to post-pandemic living, it’s become a lot more popular to have individual portions rather than shareable family-style meals, and this treat fits perfectly into that concept — but is also great for those who just love their gingerbread cake and aren’t eager to share.