Look Out, LaCroix — Costco’s New Flavored Seltzer Is Here

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(Image credit: Andriy Blokhin)

You know the seltzer war is getting serious when Costco jumps into the ring. The new Kirkland Signature sparkling water was spotted by Instagram user The Costco Connoisseur, who noticed that the new seltzer water looks, ahem, very similar to the bubbly water du jour.

The Kirkland Signature sparkling water is flavored with lemon, lime, and grapefruit, which are three of the most popular LaCroix flavors. The Costco Connoisseur reports that a 32-pack of Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water cost $7.49, or 23 cents per can, while a 24-pack of LaCroix is $8.99, or 37 cents per can, at Costco.

Some of us are drinking several cans of seltzer a day, so the per-can price is key. But seltzer choice usually comes down to flavor, and according to The Costco Connoisseur, the Costco product is a very close match to LaCroix.

“Just did a side by side taste comparison,” The Costco Connoisseur explained. “The KS Lime & Lemon both taste identical to the LaCroix Lime & Lemon IMO. The KS grapefruit tastes ever so slightly different from the LaCroix pamplemousse, but it still tastes like a hint of grapefruit. Over all the biggest difference was the KS ones have more carbonation/more bubbles — which I really like.”

“Like LaCroix but with more bubbles” sounds like my ideal seltzer, especially since it comes in lemon, lime, and grapefruit, without any of the weird flavors I wind up stuck with when the rest of the variety pack runs out. And I usually get my LaCroix at Costco anyway, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the Kirkland Signature flavored sparkling water.

Would you try Costco’s flavored seltzer?