The $15 Costco Find I’ve Been Using Every Day for More than a Year

updated May 11, 2022
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Credit: jejim

As Kitchn’s unofficial Costco ambassador, I comb the warehouse shelves looking for the best buy each month. Sometimes, that means taking a leap and buying more perishable groceries, including lemons and mushrooms, in bulk. (Turns out, buying these items in bulk is actually a super-smart way to shop.) Other times, I opt for seasonally relevant picks — the kinds that are gone before you know it. This month, my top pick has nothing to do with stocking up or filling the pantry. (Shocking, I know!) No, instead, it’s about choosing an affordable tool that will last. This months’s best Costco buy is a 4-piece KitchenAid Mitt Set.

Credit: Patty Catalano

KitchenAid 4-Piece Oven Mitt Set, $14.99 in-store or $22.99 online

If you’ve ever used a damp tea towel to transport a hot pot, you’ve learned quickly that pot holders are an essential kitchen tool. Ouch! This set of oven mitts from KitchenAid will keep you from making that painful mistake ever again. The set includes two styles of oven mitts: a pair of gloves and two rectangular pot holders. While I usually reach for the pot holder version, it’s all about personal preference and, with this set, you have options! You can pull on the mitts and use the pot holders as counter-protecting trivets when hot pans emerge from the oven.

These stylish mitts are made of classic, thick fabric with thin silicone strips that enhance the mitts’ grip. The mitts are all embellished with a leather loop for easy hanging on hooks. I invested in this exact set of oven mitts more than a year ago, and despite the spots and stains from months of everyday use, they are still in perfect protective condition. Plus, you can toss them in the wash and they’ll emerge looking as good as new.

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