The Costco Cleaning Product You Shouldn’t Overlook

updated Apr 16, 2021
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Credit: Trong Nguyen

There have been very few Costco products that haven’t knocked my socks off since I joined more than two years ago. Most of the things I buy at Costco tend to be grocery items, but the warehouse store also has a host of cleaning products that I could write poetry to. The one cleaning supply that’s most deserving of a haiku? Costco’s Kirkland Signature Ultra Shine Premium Dish Soap.

Credit: Heather McClees Williams

My entire adult life, I’d just buy standard dish soap at the grocery store. It was just whatever I grabbed. I wasn’t picky and I never saw much point in shopping for this everyday item at Costco while doing my bi-weekly runs. But that is where I made a huge mistake. All these years, I’ve been missing out on one of the best cleaning products to buy at Costco! 

Credit: Heather McClees Williams

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Ultra Shine Premium Dish Soap is far and away the best dish soap I’ve ever used. Turns out, I am picky about dish soap!

I hate dish soaps that dry your hands out, streak your dishes, or, worse, don’t get everything clean. I also hate natural dish soaps that cost a small fortune and don’t work any better than conventional products. I picked this stuff up last year during the pandemic. I wasn’t expecting much from it — I just needed to get something while I was out because I didn’t want to have to make a second stop somewhere else. Let me just tell you: I am still so surprised when I think about how great this stuff is. I honestly like it a million times better than any other soap I’ve bought in the last decade.

Here are five things I love about this dish soap from Costco.

1. It’s super-sudsy.

If you’re the kind of home cook who loves a super-sudsy dish soap, this stuff is for you. Just a little dab makes loads of suds.

2. It has a clean scent.

This dish soap has a great citrus scent that isn’t off-putting like some others can be. It doesn’t smell fake lemon-y, either. And although it smells nice while you’re washing dishes, it doesn’t really linger on your plates (I know eating off scented plates can be jarring).

3. It’s eco-friendly.

I love that this product just so happens to be eco-friendly, too. While that wasn’t my first priority (I just wanted it to work without breaking the bank or drying out my hands!), it’s definitely a bonus. The soap is made with a plant-based formula and is touted for being tough on grease but gentle on the environment.

4. It’s cost-effective.

Like most things at Costco, this soap is a bargain — giving you more for your money per ounce. I was able to score a 1.05-gallon container for just $8. And each container usually lasts me three or four months (and that’s using a bit several times a day). I just decant some into a smaller container and refill that — rather than leaving this huge jug on the counter.

5. It works!

Most importantly, this dish soap wonderfully cleans the dirtiest dishes. It really cuts through grease and requires very little scrubbing effort on my part — no streaking, no cloudy residue left behind, no greasy film!

The thing that really put this soap over the edge, in my eyes, was when I realized how great it is with my Vitamix blender container. You know that cloudy, streaky look that plastic blender containers can take on? Well, I had bought a new container just around the same time that I started using this new soap — and the container still looks like it just came out of the package. And it’s eight months later, with daily use! Usually, within a month of washing it with any other dish soap, my blender container would have been looked sad and dingy. A perfectly clean and clear blender is just another reason why this is the only dish soap I’ll be buying from here on out.

Have you tried this soap? Do you have a go-to brand? Tell us in the comments below!