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The Costco Coffee I Started Ordering Online After I Moved Across the Country

published Aug 17, 2022
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Credit: Trong Nguyen

My love language is coffee, and my husband knows this. Many people have morning rituals, and mine involves sitting in silence for a few moments with my hands wrapped around a warm mug, preparing myself to meet the day. He shows me he cares by brewing the cup around which this ritual revolves.

My need for caffeine is strong in the morning, and over the years, after settling on our preferred home-brewing equipment (grinding the beans ourselves, brewing them in a French press), my family has been on a quest for the perfect brand of coffee. Like any good quest, there have been ups and downs, but the biggest up was a discovery my husband made at Costco.

Credit: Debra Kamin

What’s So Great About Jose’s Organic Mayan Whole Bean Coffee?

My personal coffee preferences run classic: dark roast, rich flavors. And when my husband brought home a bag of Jose’s Organic Mayan Whole Bean coffee after a Costco run last year, I knew we’d hit the java jackpot. The beans are strong, nutty, and never bitter, and hit your palate with a chocolate aftertaste, punctuating your humble sips with a satisfying hint of sweetness.

Thus began a beautiful morning ritual: When our alarm buzzed each day, I would get up and walk the dog while my husband puttered around the kitchen, popped a handful of Jose’s beans into our coffee grinder, and boiled water in the electric kettle. By the time I got home, a fresh, steaming cup of coffee would be waiting for me.

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that for months after finding Jose’s Mayan beans at Costco, my marriage was standing firm on a foundation of delicious coffee. And when we moved from California to New York last month and discovered that Jose’s beans were not sold at any of our local Costcos, I felt a pang of sorrow. It wasn’t just for my desire to wake up in the morning to my beloved cup of coffee, but also for the stability and security of my relationship, which felt so intertwined with those beloved beans.

Sure, there are flowers and massages and home-cooked meals that my husband can share with me. And sure, he went to the store and tried to buy another brand of coffee that tasted on par with my beloved Jose’s. But nothing filled the demitasse-size hole in my heart. It was like being switched to decaf. The buzz was gone.

But readers, don’t despair. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, my husband and I discovered that we can order our favorite Costco coffee online. Bonus: The coffee is sold in packs of two on the Costco site, so now I’ll always have some in stock.

The beans arrived last week, and all is well again in our world — and in our morning ritual. My husband can still tell me he loves me through the language of a freshly brewed cup of Jose’s Mayan every morning, and I, thankfully, can face the day yet again.

Buy: Jose’s Organic Mayan Whole Bean Coffee, $29.99 for 2 (2.5 pound) bags at Costco

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