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The Costco Frozen Dessert TikTok Is Calling “the Best” (and It’s True)

published Sep 9, 2023
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Credit: Heather McClees

As we inevitably transition from summer to fall, it’s not the long, sunny days or warm-weather clothing I’ll miss the most. It’s the seasonal eats — fresh corn dishes, pretty much anything with a grill mark, and all the sweet, cold desserts made with citrus, berries, and other bright flavors. So when TikTok told me I absolutely had to try Island Way’s sorbets (served in the actual fruit shell!), it didn’t take much convincing. 

I was fully swayed by the first spoonful. Reviewers have called it the best thing at Costco. Without adding an official ranking, I’ll simply say they’re more than worth a try. 

Credit: Danielle Deavens

What’s So Great About Island Way Sorbet?

As soon as you open the wrapper, you can smell the sweet, fruity sorbet, no matter which flavor you reach for first. The variety pack I got contained a total of 12 sorbets across four signature flavors: coconut, ruby berry, pomegranate, and mango. Even straight from the freezer, the sorbet is soft enough to dip into with a spoon. 

But perhaps the most important part of this dessert is the “touch of cream” mentioned on the box. It really is just a touch, but it creates a balance for the sharpness of each fruit showcased in the lineup. Unlike with Italian ices, flavors like grapefruit and lemon aren’t tart. Instead, they’re wonderfully represented in a mellow dessert that’s both refreshing and indulgent.

If you’re a label-reader like I am, I think you’ll be content with what you find. The first flavor I tried, ruby berry, is made with just 13 ingredients, six of which are fruit and veggie juices or juice concentrates. Island Way is very clearly a dessert, though, and the sugar content reflects it (ranging from 14 to 23 grams per serving). It’s also free of dyes and gums.

Credit: Danielle Deavens

What’s the Best Way to Serve Island Way Sorbet?

TikTokers love the fact that these sorbets are perfectly portioned and served in the shells of their respective fruits — ruby berry in a hollowed-out grapefruit, zesty lemon in half a lemon rind, and so on. Some complain that this unique feature makes them difficult to hold, but as a grapefruit-lover, I instinctively placed the frosty shell into a small bowl and dug in. No cold hands here!

As far as “TikTok Made Me Try It” trends go, this one was a smashing success. Tasty, easy to serve, a variety of crowd-pleasing flavors, and available for purchase alongside the tastiest store-bought rotisserie chicken available? Sounds like a winner. Stock up on these and have the flavors of summer in your freezer all year long.

Find it in stores: Island Way Sorbet Variety Pack, $12.99 for 12 at Costco

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