The Costco Find That’ll Make You Love Your Instant Pot Even More

updated Apr 30, 2019
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I just celebrated my one-year anniversary — with my Instant Pot. I started slow, just making hard-boiled eggs (so easy to peel!), and now I no longer use the stovetop for spaghetti. Despite being late to the pressure-cooking party, the Instant Pot has become the workhorse of my kitchen. And recently, despite having a full day of work and activities already planned, a post on the Instant Pot Community Facebook page sent me straight to Costco.

Can you guess what they sent me there for?

(Image credit: Patty Catalano)

The find that made me drop my afternoon plans last week and drive straight to Costco? OXO’s 3-Piece Silicone Pressure Cooker Accessories Set!

The candy-colored set includes an egg rack, cooking rack, and steamer basket. Purchased separately on Amazon, these accessories will set you back almost $44, but at Costco you’ll pay only $19.99 for all three.

(Image credit: Patty Catalano)

I heard about the egg rack last spring, soon after adding the Instant Pot to my kitchen arsenal. Unfortunately, it sold out at the height of egg-dyeing season, and for the past year I’ve settled for balancing eggs on the standard-issue metal trivet. OXO’s egg rack cradles nine eggs gently under pressure (no more cracked eggs!), but is also stackable to cook 18 eggs at once.

(Image credit: Patty Catalano)

The cooking rack is the most versatile accessory of the set. The ruby-red rack elevates food, so that fat and juices drip away and the underside doesn’t get soggy. It can also be used for multi-level (or pot-in-pot) cooking to cook an entire meal at once in the Instant Pot. Use the rack in your pressure cooker or slow cooker, or on the tabletop as a trivet.

Use the rack to make this: Instant Pot Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

(Image credit: Patty Catalano)

The Instant Pot already comes with its own metal trivet, but the flimsy construction and widely-spaced bars make using it a balancing act. OXO’s lime green steamer basket is elevated on four silicone legs and has two handles that stay cool — even after cooking under pressure. Keep delicate foods away from boiling water in the aerated, high-walled basket that is wide enough to hold enough vegetables for dinner or a fillet of fish.