People Are Just Discovering This Clever Hack to Shop at Costco Without a Membership (It’s So Easy!)

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While there are many reasons that prove why paying for a Costco membership is worth it — the budget friendly groceries, the cheaper prices on gas, and, of course, that juicy rotisserie chicken! — it might not be the best choice for shoppers who can’t go on a regular basis. However, even without a Gold Star status, taking advantage of these sweet deals is still very possible … if you know the right tricks of the trade. And it seems after a viral TikTok video (with over 500,000 views!) that people are finally discovering how to shop at the big-box retailer without a membership: Go through Instacart.

It’s really just as simple as that: Choose Costco as your grocery store location on Instacart, then shop for what you want. No membership necessary!

On the other hand, while shopping at Costco through Instacart is an easy solution, shoppers should keep in mind that the cost of things will be slightly higher, given that you’re using a third-party service to buy and deliver your groceries. In some cases, prices could be $5 or even $10 more than what they would be for members in stores or online. Using Instacart can be a convenient way to shop at Costco every once in a blue moon, but if you’re doing this regularly, wouldn’t the up-charge of these items far exceed the annual $60 membership fee to get yourself inside the warehouse?

There are other cases where you can shop at Costco without a membership. While using Instacart is one of the most popular workarounds, non-members can sometimes purchase groceries on Costco’s website. If a non-member is gifted a Costco Cash Card, they can also shop in a store without a membership. However, while non-Costco members used to be allowed in the food court to take advantage of that $1.50 hot dog deal, the retailer announced this past spring that only Costco members will be allowed into the food court moving forward.